& Fun

helps you
see challenges
from a new
so you can
grow where
you are and
teach others.

Our founder, Kirsten Klug, discovered that “healthy” is not just what we eat or how we exercise, it also includes integrating more interactive fun into our learning and working environments.

Other Key Findings:

    • Having interactive fun while learning increases memory and reduces stress
    • You can make choices that will positively affect overall health
    • Equity for all allows our uniquenesses to be benefits for the whole community
    • Gifted individuals are often distracted or bored, so make learning more interesting
    • People do enjoy and remember how Kirsten teaches and connects with them    

Since 1991, Kirsten has been helping artists, scientists, inventors, teachers, and leaders communicate even better so ideas create positive change for how we live.

Her award-winning work helped to pioneer these industries: Electric Vehicle, Organic Farming, Urban Development, Health, Dental Health, and Construction/Art.

HFC is an evidence-based program being offered in schools and organizations since 2009. 12 books have been published and distributed to many. We have twelve years of research and findings. 

Healthy & Fun Choices 2022 includes:

1. Magazine with easy to integrate ideas on how to use Healthy & Fun Choices in your classroom, home, and workplaces.

2. Books that inspire positive change so that you can see how your challenges start  conversations, action, and growth. Activity work books bridge gaps between school, sports, doctors visits, and home to provide fun ways to learn about what is important for our whole health. Books are coming out soon!

3. Workshops – Choose Kirsten Klug to come into your school or workplace to help students or staff learn by having fun and in a positive, interactive way!


 If you would like to help promote or bring HFC into your workplace or school, please contact Kirsten E Klug at Gmail dot com or call 503-314-6701.

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