Want to Be Well?

Welcome to Healthy & Fun Choices where are advocates for
• speaking up, even when we can’t find words
• walking, we can’t always feel the ground
• advocating, even when it is hard
• creating, yes progressing through challenges
• educating, even with mistakes

Regardless, we are meant to come together and connect through conversations, art, music, laughter, yoga and fun.

We have all been affected by trauma and injuries. It is how we react to it and keep going that matters. We are better together.

Inspired & Educated

Join us:
• Yoga Classes Mon & Wed 7pm at Sunnyside Grange
• Oct 21st Mindset & Yoga Workshops and Music & Dancing @Sunnyside Grange
• Love Your Brain Workshops

Hire us to come to you:
• In-office workshops for Staff
• Online Zoom workshops & courses

Get Certified in HFC to bring to your clients and patients:
• Courses going online soon!
• Book launch Oct. 21st

Power in Perseverance

Healthy & Fun Choices is an evidence-based educational program, course and community to provide resources for conversations.

That way, we learn that being healthy is more than what we look like—instead it is our mindset, words and actions with food, feelings, family and fitness. When we add fun,we remember and enjoy more!

Our founder, Kirsten Klug, has been helping organizations pioneer positive change for over thirty years and helping people on social media! Her work helped urban developers find space to build; farmers connect beyond the farm and educate with Harvest Festivals; business owners, doctors and dentists start conversations and build community.

Got a challenge? Share it with Kirsten!

Misaligned Cravings

Do you crave warmth when you don’t feel good?

Reach for the sugary drink?  Hot tea or coffee? I certainly do!

Want to curl up in bed? Or go chill in a hot shower?

Research proves that yes it is human nature to crave warmth because it gives our brain a quick, easy dopamine hug. 

Interestingly it is causing an epidemic of obesity and lonliness.

Want to know more? Bring Kirsten in to speak at your next event or gathering.

Upcoming Classes

Yoga Flow – Sunnyside Grange:
Mon 7-8pm
Wed 7-8pm
$12 Drop In Rate
$48 for 5-time
$97 for 10-time pass

Address 132nd & SE Sunnyside Rd Clackamas, OR 97015


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