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Healthy & Fun Choices®


Healthy and Fun Choices® is a movement and campaign that challenges individuals to better understand and make whole health choices. We embrace social, emotional, physical, environmental, and economic whole health. Our goal is that we live with less regrets and more joy.

Healthy and Fun Choices® is a platform of digital and printed materials that educate the concept of whole health in easy-to-understand ways. That way, individuals can choose healthy food and wellness practices with ease and confidence in their homes, schools, workplaces, and public spaces.

At Healthy & Fun Choices®, our educators care. We build partnership programs between local businesses, organizations, and schools to enable sustainability and economic wellness for all involved. We communicate with honest, transparent, authentic, and integral voice, which inspires positive change and access to what individuals and partnerships need.

Be part of the Healthy and Fun Choices® movement!
We are committed to developing leaders and supporting partners. We are designing a sustainable business model that builds local community and health access for all:
• run ads in our publications with direct links to your business or organization
• be a sponsor of a section in the digital or printed publications
• offer training workshop within school districts, organizations and small businesses
• distribute products/services
• contribute to our Bamboo River Foundation for sponsoring children in need

We are looking for ambassadors who:
• love to connect with local businesses and help them make a difference
• enjoy driving around town and getting smiles upon delivery of the products
• are creative in the areas of writing, editing, photography, graphic design and more

About Our Founder, Kirsten Klug
There have been so many times in my life that I said "I wish I knew that when I was younger." I have lived a life with pain, fear, near-death experiences, job loss, health challenges and on the other side opportunity, creativity, and amazing achievements. I believe my biggest achievement of all has been overcoming negative self-talk and continuing to forge new paths even with the recent accident that nearly took my life.

Prior to launching this new Healthy and Fun Choices® platform, Kirsten developed an educational program for schools, authored/illustrated 10 activity work books for children, grew a million-dollar creative agency from scratch, and helped hundreds of businesses be seen, heard and understood. Currently Kirsten directs the project, as well as doing the design, writing, marketing and distributing. She is constantly forming strategic partnerships with organizations and businesses. She looks forward to getting to know you!