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Womens Solo Packing

Gather, Share and Learn

Curious about how to break out of just day hiking into an overnight?

Have you been solo backpacking and want to share what you have learned?

Want to know of more places to go?

Want to share community with some badass ladies?

All humans are welcome, no matter what label/s.

Some Bio’s of just a few folks who will be in the room to share knowledge and how to use gear.

There are going to be many more amazing people in the room to share knowledge with.

Tami Allison, who is close to finishing her 100 trail miles for Mazama membership. She is a certified teacher of wilderness first aid. She will set your compound fracture and still look fabulous.

Nellie Long always upbeat positive and reflective of life. She also gave me the gift of recognizing the small achievements. Like “we are out of the house “ it is about the journey and not the destination. She’s also been known to spend the night freezing instead of turning the car around when conditions change and gear is not adequate.

Lezlie Bugg kind grandma of the group with many years of camping experience with kids. She is always willing to try something different. She is also my hammock camping partner. Need to know how to pee in the woods without squatting? She’s the one to ask.

Meaghan Mansfield just like Tami always looks fabulous but will eat bugs to survive. A gear head so if you have questions about the newest gear out there, she is the one to ask.

Joy Chausse is a member of the Trails Club of Oregon. She backpacks year round and enjoys the challenges of staying warm and dry with ultra light gear. She knows the power of solo hiking to put life into perspective.

Frances Marsh 4 years and 20 backpacking trips with 2 boys. She’s your person for support and inspiration when trying something new. She’ll go solo with 5 kids and calmly deal with anything that might come up. A rising bank of water for example. Introduced to outdoor skills by her mother who was also her Girl Scout troop leader she rediscovered the importance of the natural world connection for humans after having children of her own.

Date & Time

October 27, 2019

5:00PM - 7:00PM

Add to Calendar 10/27/201905:00 PM 10/27/201907:00 PM America/Los_Angeles Womens Solo Packing Gather, Share and LearnCurious about how to break out of just day hiking into an overnight?Have you been solo backpacking and want to share what you have... More info at Mt Scott Community Center 5530 SE 72nd Ave , Portland , OR 97206 axEakIwmdzNKaowyWmiv58927

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