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Global Innovative Leaders Share Together

Apr 02, 2020 01:33AM ● By Kirsten Klug
The creative strategist behind many brands and industries, and the founder of Healthy & Fun Choices, is Kirsten Klug. She has been using creativity and innovation to help ideas, products, and leaders be seen, heard, and understood for three decades. Kirsten has used popular mediums and methods to communicate innovations and improvements in order to create positive change in habits and choices. In the 1990s she used brochures and websites; in the 2000s it was the internet, books, radio, print, or TV; and now the messages are global with, social media channels, and email.

Thanks to Kirsten's love of helping others connect and today's technology, Kirsten has brought together innovative leaders from three countries. Together, they share how they are using creativity through change and challenges. 

The Covid-19 Pandemic is causing us to remain indoors in isolation and social distancing. Having gone through self-isolation as a child and then again two years ago after getting sepsis from a staph infection, Kirsten knows how important it is to get messages out using technology. Zoom enables people from all over the world to come together in a virtual space and connect just as if we were sitting in the same room. Small computer and internet glitches only cause more laughter and patience, both needed skills in this fast moving world!

Kirsten has a vision for creating a community where we can build connections, make healthy choices, and understand more about why fun and laughter are important in life and business! Watch this video and connect with us so we can further conversations to build community. 

This 90 minute presentation introduces the concept of how we can plant seeds, renew as we plant in, and build strong roots so that we can do life and business better. Topics that you will learn about:
• How change is an important part of business and life growth
• Why you are an important part in renewal 
• Where you can make positive choices with your time
• Who being connected to matters
• When you can be empowered
• What topics and technologies are key to your ongoing success

We look forward to connecting with you! If you would like more information on the speakers, please see below and click on the links to reach out to them. 

Sonia Clark
[email protected]
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zoom ID: 3021260133

Kirsten Klug |
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Katie Berggren
[email protected]

Carolyn Cook

Julie Pershing

Fe Lima Firman
[email protected]
(702) 415-4200

Melissa Vandeveghel

Now more than ever during this Pandemic it is super important for us to connect. Isolation is the #1 reason for suicide and mental illnesses. Being very creative from a young age, Kirsten held herself back from interacting with the rest of the world because of how many people thought she was crazy with all her questions and ideas. Her teachers couldn't figure out why she spelled so many words wrong, yet wrote and spoke above her grade level. Luckily, her music teachers and friends/family saw something in her that helped her see how to turn her mistakes into magic. 

Kirsten started business in 1991 as a greeting card designer. By the end of her college years, she became a graphic designer and thought helping others market would be how she succeeded. But the crazy thing, many of her clients had a super power and they didn't want to share. After twenty years of success as a creative strategist, graphic designer, and writer, Kirsten and her husband, Fer, had grown their agency to almost a million dollars. Yet, they both were unhappy. They worked a lot of hours. If their work didn't get results for their clients, they would lose. Luckily their work got excellent results, yet their clients didn't want to share so they were relying on retainers. This caused a lot of fear and worry. They actually had to quit the agency in order to grow. Fer decided to go into construction to do hands-on work and Kirsten decided to focus on her dream of creating an educational show and program that could teach people how to do life and business better.

As Kirsten began presenting the Healthy & Fun Choices program 2006, people thought her ideas about whole health integration and adding fun to get things done was crazy. She heard: "Why would people want to understand whole health? Teachers don't have time to teach that and doctors don't have time to promote it." Still, knowing it was so important she decided to start doing workshops in schools and developing programs for clients. With a lot of hard work, she was soon teaching thousands of youth, parents, and business owners about how we can thrive! In addition her books had sold in the thousands and companies were sponsoring and hiring her to develop programs for their own communities.

Through Healthy & Fun Choices, promoting multi-sensory and active learning techniques along with topics covering whole health, Kirsten discovered that her learning differences are actually learning advantages as she has an ability to see clearly from the humans perspective. This concept is similar to how Dr. Temple Grandin can see from the animals perspective. 

Conversations lead to the beauty of growth and strength formed by community. And as many people understand now, making healthy and fun choices is integral to how we can thrive! 

Global Innovative Leaders