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Nov 09, 2019 04:30PM ● By Kirsten Klug
There are so many times in my life and business that I say "I wish I had this to improve that" or "I wish I knew that earlier".

I am a creative strategist and visionary. I see things in more detail then most people. I see pictures and can see how we can achieve and communicate in order to produce positive change.

For many years I helped my clients create their vision and achieve incredible success. I realized I could do so much more than just help business owners create their future.

When I drove up to a restaurant and saw an electric vehicle charging station I realized that anything is possible. You see in 1996 I helped Kent Hermsmeyer figure out how to educate auto associations and automobile manufacturers why electric vehicles were important to our future. And while helping to move his small EVs he was moving across town, I realized the only way this would be sustainable was to have charging stations. His initiatives and conversations got others thinking. And I not realizing I had an idea that could change the world, went on to help other business owners change theirs. 

Sometimes you don't see how big your ideas are until you are able to look back in life. It has been so true for me on so many counts!

When I walk downtown and spend time in the Brewery blocks or the Pearl district, I am in awe and reminded of the "aha" moment that my client had when he realized his vision for urban development. Gerding/Edlen has been instrumental in revitalizing our downtowns into spaces that are more than just places to live and do business! 

And, when I go into Burgerville or New Seasons and see how they are promoting local farmers, I appreciate how Liepold Farms did a great job in using the blueprint I developed and educational brochures to teach cities, restaurants, and grocery retailers the advantages of buying local and organic. It was Liepold Farms who helped pioneer marketing for the local farming industry.

When I worked with Montavilla Sewing Centers for thirteen years, I helped them create a community and a movement based around sewing, quilting, and crafts. Not only did the educational programs and products we promoted sell, they also gave women the ability to feel more confident in who they are as creative individuals. And, why being creative is so important to a persons life. 

 When I had children of my own, I realized the need to develop educational programs and go into schools to teach about whole health concepts. My multi-sensory workshops were so memorable that when I see students from the workshops I held 5 years ago they still remember what I taught them! 

That is why I also saw a need for designing a website platform and magazine that could help our community educate about what is important and further bridge the gaps between the fitness, food, wellness, mindset, fun, and medical fields. My hope is that you will be part of it by running ads, sharing articles with me to post, and also seeing the results from people engaging and purchasing from you! 

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