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A Healthy Approach a Daily Tarot Practice

Nov 06, 2019 05:37PM ● By Jenna Lynne Roberts

Shuffling and pulling a few tarot cards each day can increase self-awareness around your own mythic path and enhance your sense of wonder at the mystery of it all. To be done right, however, this practice requires some prior consideration in the approach in order to gain the most benefit and avoid common pitfalls. 

As a professional tarot reader, I sometimes get urgent messages from friends in a panic. ‘I pulled these cards and I am freaking out right now! Can you read them for me please?!?’ 

Usually, there are some reversals and the Death card, or maybe the Tower card. It’s normal to fear what appears to be bad omens. In my early days of learning the card meanings, I had similar anxiety moments when a scary image emerged. Movies and TV have presented tarot as a harbinger of doom, which is far from reality. After over a dozen years as a professional reader, I have come to see that the cards are asking you to love yourself and be more observant of how you move through your day. 

Study the cards that intimidate you to comprehend their intention. The Death card is about allowing great changes so you might attain a higher level of being. The Tower card is asking you to not make the same mistakes twice. A reversed Chariot might be asking you to put the cell phone down and drive extra carefully that day, or be mindful of how you present yourself at work. The Devil card is directing you to shake off the attachments of your vices. 

 The ego is very good at keeping us a slave of the reactive mind. Tarot is a spiritual art that threatens this power, and so the ego may ignite panic to block the wisdom of the cards. Keep in mind that the scariest images are typically in the Swords suit. These are a reflection of only your mind and how you are interpreting the world. If the solemn scene of a man with ten swords in his back disturbs you, consider how each of those swords reflect a limiting belief that you are ready to be free from. Gain control back from the mind. 

Self-growth might be scary, but the cards only share what you can handle evolving into at this point in your life. The messages from cards are inherently compassionate. They might come with tough love, but they will not put you into a tailspin. If that is where you are going, you are misinterpreting the spread. 

If you find yourself getting anxiety around a daily reading, take these steps: 

1. Breathe and say out loud, “The cards give me useful information to guide my best steps forward. They are inherently compassionate.”

2. Get out a book of card definitions that speak with grace and humor, and read the direct meanings of each card. Consider how this is telling you something you already know, rather than foretelling a horror story of what is to come. 

3. Write down the most useful advice from the card meanings. Choose some steps you can take to move forward in a more positive and accountable way in relation to this issue, or consider what to watch out for that can be avoided. 

4. Meditate to calm the mind. Ten minutes of your time will lighten your whole situation, and enhance your overall day. Gift yourself this quietude to honor how you value this day ahead. 

5. If none of this works, or if you feel like you need more, find a friend or local reader who you trust to read your cards well and reach out to them to pull their own cards for you. You can share the reading with them if you need to as well to get their take on it. 

With a clear sense of security that the response to the cards should be curious and trusting, a daily card pull can help you navigate your days. 

Here are some basic steps to enjoy this routine: 

Shuffle the cards. Lay them on a table and let your fingers hover above them until you find the desired card. Two cards can be easier to read than one, since their messages juxtapose to create a new meaning that can be more poignant. 

Look at the cards and consider the symbols that strike you the most, and notice how the characters presented are interacting. Determine the relevance in this, and then read about each card in your favorite book. 

Observe this card throughout your day with curiosity as to how it might exhibit. Sometimes, the messages come through when a friend reaches out to you with a reflection of the message in their own life. 

Consider where the meaning becomes relevant in your day and respond fluidly with the preparation of awareness. Let yourself see how you are handling every moment the best you can and use the guidance of the cards to support you on your journey.

Jenna Lynne Roberts is a writer, yoga and meditation instructor, and tarot reader and tutor living in Portland, Oregon. She offers tarot readings online and in person. Connect with her now at