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Mamas Making Money - 28 years in business

Oct 28, 2019 12:56PM ● By Kirsten Klug
This article is about Mamas Making Business - see the interview below to hear about Healthy & Fun Choices' founder Kirsten Klug has grown a business over time. And was able to do it while having kids around, too.

Heather Chamber interviewed Kirsten to learn how she has run a successful business from home for 28 years! She knows how to persevere through the tough times, how to go from building a business without kids and shifting when kids are in the picture. It is so important to give yourself grace and go with the flow!

We talked about stress management, including the kids and making sure you spend quality time with them, shower yoga, as well as working through hard times!


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I loved hearing Kirsten’s story and how she made it through some difficult times in her business. What was one thing you liked about Kirsten’s interview? Share below...