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Function Better with Functional Fitness

Jun 05, 2019 06:13PM ● By Kirsten Klug
Often when people think about getting fit, they first think about losing weight or building up their muscles. We often forget that fitness is actually designed to help us in our everyday activites and allow us to live a long life the way that we want to. 

It is important to get fit with your lifestyle in mind. Here are some lifestyle activities that need you to have strength and agility:
• Going up and down stairs to get ready
• Reaching down or up high to get food to cook
• Opening up jars or containers
• Picking up your kids or grandkids
• Getting on and off the floor
• Dressing and reaching down to put your shoes on
• Taking the dog for a walk

We forget the demands our body has for us until we get injured or lose our breath because of being out of shape. In order for you to live a long life with less injury and sickness, functional fitness can help! And, the nice thing is functional fitness can start at whatever level you are at. Progress is made over time so commitment at the club and at home is key.

Functional fitness includes lifting the proper weights for your age and ability in a variety of controlled ways. It includes learning how to reach down or up without hurting yourself. It includes building muscles in your thighs, back, and arms so going up and down stairs is more comfortable for you.  

If you are interested in learning more about functional fitness and trying it out, join Eastside Athletic Clubs in Clackamas and Milwaukie. They have staff and personal fitness trainers to help you achieve your goals.

They also have a beautiful new fitness area designed just for your needs!

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