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The Delta Putt gives golfers instant feedback

Jun 05, 2019 05:41PM ● By Kirsten Klug
How many extra strokes on the green do you wish you hadn't taken?

They say that most golf games are won on the green. We all know how to get there, but what about actually getting the ball to go in the hole when we want it to?

Now you can practice with the Delta Putt. It is an innovative product that the golf industry hasn't seen before. And, it is helping all abilities of golfers improve their game. And, their stroke muscle memory. They say your muscle memory is what gives you a competitive advantage.


The Delta Putt does not lie.

Using the Delta Putt you get immediate feedback on how you hit the puck (ball) and how it travels down the green. By observing how the Delta Puck glides down the mat, you will be able to make adjustments to your stroke to correct any minor flaws that you are making based on the how the puck reacted to your stroke. For example, if you are pulling the puck left of your intended line and the puck is rotating slightly to the right, try moving the puck (ball) slightly back in your stance. Continue making minor adjustments in ball position until you can stroke the puck straight down the intended line with no rotation of the puck. Once you can consistently stroke the puck down the center line with very little rotation, then you will start building muscle memory.

It is putting practice perfected...the Delta putt has three skill levels, "Amateur" is the most forgiving, "pro" is the medium difficulty, and the "tour" side is the most challenging. Start with the appropriate setting for your individual skill level.

In addition to providing great feedback, the Delta Putt is light weight and easy to take with you wherever you go. And, it's easy to use for all players and ages!

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