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Music Surround Sound

Jan 05, 2019 10:56AM ● By Kirsten Klug

Music interweaves itself into your brain by bringing up memories and engaging in sounds that resonate with you. There is no other experience quite like music. 

You can have music playing in the background of your car or home, creating your own music on an instrument, or singing along with your favorite songs. 

Music brings you together with friends and family, and can be a quite an experience all to yourself.

When it gets down to it, studies have shown that you are drawn to certain tones, beats, and rhythms. And everyone has a different experience when listening to the same music. 

How music works in our brains on a basic sense is that our ears initially controls how you hear the music. Then when the music is translated through your nerves which strikes a chord with your feelings and emotions. They catch and hold onto the wave lengths and turn it into something more. 

For instance, the words can bring up memories or allow you to recall prior experiences. From there you get to choose how your thoughts wander and how you make a connection with the music. If the music is new to you, you can simply enjoy what you are hearing in the present moment.

Music is integral to a healthy mind and brain because the firing of neurons and nerves create change and brain growth. Music can:

  • Entertain us
  • Inspire creative actions
  • Bring recall of memories
  • Encourage dance and movement
  • Promote sleep

They say music is the one thing you cannot take away from a patient with altimers or dementia. A friend’s father has dementia and still loves playing the piano. It is the one thing that he can relate to and enjoy.

Studies have shown that music can calm your mood and ward off depression. It can also improve blood flow in ways similar to statins and lower stress levels using hormones like cortisol which eases pain. 

Music activates nearly every region of brain, which is very powerful and positive way to affect us. Music can also promote sound sleep and allow us to rest more easily.

How will you use music today?