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Want to write a book?

Dec 18, 2018 11:50PM ● By Kirsten Klug
We all have great ideas for a book to write. But how many of us actually sit down to do it? I can help! I am very skilled at helping people start and finish books, even though mine is still in-the-works! 

This is what you need:
1. A main character
2. An antagonist 
3. Supporting characters
4. At least 4-5 main lessons to be learned through trials or challenges
5. A unique setting
6. Creative common language or style of writing consistent throughout
7. Choose what perspective you are writing from - the voice
8. Cliff hangers to keep their interest - meaning allow the reader to figure out the lessons over the course of the book
9. A positive ending (I personally hate reading a book with a bad or empty ending)
10. Moral of the story or an one simple idea that the reader can summarize with ease when explaining the book to someone else
11. Chapter titles that inspire interest
12. Title that captures the book or is unique
13. A bio about you
14. A 3-5 paragraph description of the book that doesn’t reveal everything but does entice them to read it
15. A one sentence description

just begin! I gave my daughter these instructions a week ago and she’s already wrote four chapters of a mystery adventure series that is awesome! 

Hopefully you are not like me...I write and rewrite and rewrite...and fail to get my book done. Realizing now that I ask too many questions... Should it be a memoir? How about a novel? How much personal stories should I share? Or do I simply drop in little bits here and there? Today I’ve decided to take the advice I give so we’ll and just go for it! 

If you'd like to be in a book writing club, message me. I’d enjoy leading that!!