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See what You Need

Nov 13, 2018 11:40AM ● By Kirsten Klug
Earlier today on Facebook in a local group, a parent asked what to do because her daughter's teacher keeps making the students miss recess, shorten their time for lunch, and get out of school late. The teacher says it is due to students not following directions and misbehaving. 

Being a parent I know how frustrating that is my daughter wouldn't get her work done in 3rd grade and her teacher would hold her out of recess. It was frustrating for all of us. Why was she not completing her work? Was she distracted or suddenly not caring? I knew my daughter and felt there must be something deeper going on that even she doesn't know what to say or ask.

Finally in playing softball we figured it out. Whenever she swung at the ball, she clearly missed it. A physician that was a mom on our team said I think it's Kaia's eyes, is she seeing double? We took her in to a specialist and sure enough my daughter has a unique eye disorder that causes her to see double. So that's why getting her work done and not following directions was difficult for her. She was simply not seeing what she needed to see.

After we figured it out, the doctors suggested she try training for  her eyes instead of just going to special glasses. We tried the program for a whole year and a half without much improvement and a lot of frustration. School work became a lot more serious as she really had to focus to get the work done and after school often complained of headaches and being tired. It wasn't until the beginning of 5th grade that we asked to get glasses for her and create a 504 education plan so that school could work for her needs. 

What if it's not the students or the parents or the teachers? What if the issues we are facing is something different?

Teachers, parents, and care givers, and students... we can change the future by working together. 

Teachers - share your concerns with parents, don't wait for the student to go home and tell their parents that they are in trouble for not getting their work done. Ask questions: Is there something happening that is causing the student to act this way? Has anything changed at home? 

Parents - get in communication with your teacher when something doesn't seem right. And if you need to go in and meet with the teacher or ask if someone else can come in and observe your student. 

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