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Missing Recess?

Oct 24, 2018 12:10AM ● By Kirsten Klug
Earlier today on Facebook in a local group, a parent asked what to do because her daughter's teacher keeps making the students miss recess, shorten their time for lunch, and get out of school late. The teacher says it is due to students not following directions and misbehaving. 

Being a parent I know how frustrating it was when my daughter wouldn't get her work done in 3rd grade and her teacher would hold her out of recess. I was outraged and it took us a whole year to figure out that she had a sight problem that was causing her to be slow at her work.

What if it's not the student, or the parent, or the teacher at fault? What if the issues we are seeing is something different. What if it is the culture that we have created? Can we change? 

Here are some ideas that I feel could help us be more successful with classroom management and inclusion:

1. Set rules together - talk about what we want, what our expectations are, what we feel it means to be respectful and kind. Then, set the rules together for the situation we are in together. If problems come up, discuss and adjust. 

2. Be proactive - rather than waiting and reacting to situations, be aware and communicate the necessary steps it takes to get it done. For instance, getting out the door on time needs us to think about how long it takes to get ready to go, what we need, and how we can make it happen.

3. Get outside - it's important to get outside to see a different perspective and breathe fresh air. Sometimes we get so busy inside that we forget what is really important for us to live. 

4. Be respectful - understand what it means to be respectful and use empathy to have a better understanding of what others are feeling. 

5. Use our time wisely - discover different ways for keeping track of time and using our time to our best ability. 

What other ideas do you have for helping us change our culture so we aren't getting in trouble and missing what should be benefiting us?