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Obesity - an epidemic for all

Oct 22, 2018 08:19PM ● By Kirsten Klug

Fast Foods Effect on the Body - Educational

Deadly chemicals found in fast-food

10 Deadliest Fast Foods
Fast-food is one of the main culprits to obesity. So many people think it just effects low-income people, but that is not true. A research study by UC Davis reveals why it actually affects middle-income the most.

Most fast-food is high in fats (saturated and trans), sugars, and salt. Eating this is not good for you. In fact, fast-food should only occasionally be consumed. Plus, the concept of eating on the run causes people to eat more, faster.

1. Cheaper does not mean a thinner wallet, it means thicker waistline. Obesity causes serious illnesses like diabetes, heart diseases due to clogged arteries, and more.

2. Low nutritional content equals no satisfaction. Empty calories cause you to get hungrier faster and then you want to eat more which is not good for you. What happens is you want to eat more and more and more.

3. And there's more: The way they cook meat can be cancer-causing; too much soda can lead to tooth decay; too much salt isn't good for your kidneys or liver; and too much sodium makes you retain water.

Craving fast-food? Go home and make yourself a home cooked meal and know that you'll be much more satisfied!