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Healthy & Fun Choices® Research-based

Oct 09, 2018 12:24AM ● By Kirsten Klug

Our research is providing evidence that there is a need for Healthy and Fun Choices® curriculum, lessons, tools and events and most importantly, the multi-sensory lessons are positively impacting youth.

We offered pre- and post-assessments for 650 students in 13 schools and this is what we found:

• 98% changed their understanding of what it means to be healthy after the workshop

• 76% increased their physical activity

• 50% decreased their hours of screen time

• 72% increased the variety of colorful foods they consume

• Teachers have wanted repeat workshops and lesson plans

• Teachers are reporting positive changes in student behaviors and school work

• Parents have noticed positive changes in conversations and healthy choices

• Community-based organizations are wanting to be involved

Why Healthy & Fun Choices® is needed:

• Health costs are at an all time high

• Class sizes in public schools are large

• Teachers and parents feel overwhelmed and taxed

Healthy & Fun Choices®  uncovers the truth about how we can see more clearly when we understand the choices we have around our thoughts, words, and actions. By understanding that we have choices, we can become aware of our choices specifically in nutrition, physical activity, attitude, behaviors and communication.

The benefits of Healthy & Fun Choices!® Program:

• Students learn about their choices with nutrition, exercise, academics and manners

• Teachers have tools and an activity book as supplemental curriculum

• Conversations increase about good choices and healthy behaviors

• Entire schools, organizations, and communities are positively effected