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An activity book for Pet Families

Sep 27, 2018 04:37PM ● By Kirsten Klug
It is important for us to have good relationships with animals because they teach us respect, kindness, and how to be responsible. Dogs for example are very loyal, loving, and friendly. If you have a dog, then you most likely understand that their love for you is like no other. 

The activity workbook is designed for children and their parents/caregivers. The intention of the book is to open the lines of communication and encourage additional experiences anround healthy and fun choices for people and their pets. Find a couple minutes each day exploring the pages or sit down for a fun time to complete the short book from start to finish doing word finds, coloring pictures, completing mazes, and filling in the blanks on a lot of discussions. 

Pets also teach us a lot about ourselves, our behaviors, and our relationships. I believe that pets provide unforgettable experiences for children that can help them. The healthier we are as indviduals, they healthier our families, homes, workplaces, schools, communities and world. 

When children or adults are nice to animals and pets, it is important to talk about it. And if the situation becomes more serious, it is also important to call the police at 9-1-1. Pet cruelty is unacceptable and against the law.

One little exercise you can do to become more aware of the pets and animals around you is to play "I hear" instead of "I spy." 

I hear something that starts with the sound "bah." I found a_____________.
I hear something that makes this sound "chirp chirp." It is a _____________.
I spy a soft cuddly animal that is making a "purr purr purr." It is a ___________.

Within the book you'll also find pages that talk about responsibilities in taking animals out and cleaning after them. These are great chores to add to your family chores because you can all work together to get the jobs done. 

Ever lost a pet? That is a hard experience to go through at any age. Inside this book you will find ideas on how to discuss the loss of a pet and what to do as a token so you will always remember. 

The book can be sponsored by a business and handed out to patients in vet clinics or pet hospitals. It can be purchased for your family, given as a gift, or handed out in your child's classroom. It can also be sold at local pet stores. If you are interested in getting Healthy Pets. Healthy Families. please contact Kirsten Klug at 503-314-6701 or purchase online.